Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blessed Beyond Our Means

(Lame blogger I know, life gets crazy with school, work, wedding, and having a life!)

Chip and I wanted to send y'all an update on everything that is going on with us- we have been amazed at God's provisions for us as we start our lives together and wanted to share these with y'all so that you can be reminded just how great our God is and that He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams! We have been provided for by our sweet Savior in the following ways:

-We both have jobs. In Nashville. Where we love, have all of our friends, and all of our family.
-Chip was just given a company car! That means no car payment, no paying to maintain the car, etc. because his company covers it!
-I am employed with Teach For America and have already gotten 2 phone calls from them telling me that 2 amazing charter schools in Nashville want to interview me to work for them! This is such a blessing because these schools truly have amazing philosophies on loving and nurturing their kids while pushing them to do their best.
-I have been given great hours for babysitting this semester, including a phone call today for filling in a 3 hour gap I have on Tuesdays to babysit for another family!
-In a word: furniture. Did you know how stinking expensive that stuff is?! Okay, we didn't because we've never had to buy it before!!!! But between both sets of our parents, we are set minus a few end tables which is totally not a big deal.
-Housing: we have just the cutest/greatest 2 bedroom apartment in brentwood that is so nice and perfect and lovely and I can't rave enough about it. AND we got a great deal on it!!

Needless to say, God is great. All the time. We have truly been blown away by all of His provisions for us. We both feel like we don't deserve any of this- especially when there are so many struggling right now with the down economy (so sick of that phrase but unfortunately it still exists) and all of those suffering across the globe. Our prayer is that we can use all that we have to help others be blessed in the ways that we have found ourselves blessed and that we do not take a single thing for granted.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Church Try-Outs

So Chip and I have entered into the world of trying to find a home church. So far we've only actually visited one church haha, but we really liked it! We are still going to try out a few others obviously but I'm really enjoying the process. Chip and I both grew up going to the same church for almost our entire lives so we both are seeking the same things in a church which is lovely: a very Bible based sermon, a church that offers sunday school classes (some don't these days... i think that's strange), a church with a young adult community, bible studies, and a community/staff that we can call family. So here we go!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dress Fitting!

Guess what?! I had my first official dress fitting today. It's the first time I put on my dress since I got it last January. and the best part?? I loved it even MORE this time!!!! It swooshes. That's very important. I was so glad to have my bestest sister in the whole world there with me and some very dear friends. I can't wait to wear it again. and again. and again. Is that ok? I think I'll wear my wedding dress about once a week after the wedding, just for good measure haha!