Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello everyone! Chip and I are finally getting backed to normal life after the whirlwind of the wedding. The envelope taste is finally leaving our mouths as we finished up thank you notes, the laundry is piling up, the bills are rolling in, and you know what? Life couldn't be better.

We are so happy to go to sleep and wake up next to each other every single night. We are happy to come home to each other at the end of the day and sit and eat dinner at the kitchen table we painted together. We still get a rush out of using our "fancy pants" coffee maker as we call it. We love to say "hey this is the first time we've used (insert wedding present), awesome!" We're newlyweds, and we are happy. And we plan on staying that way.

As life settles down and we get a routine we will blog more about the happenings in our lives, promise :) Like this past weekend, we got a puppy!!!!! Here's how it all went down...

Saturday morning I was doing some work in downtown Franklin and Chip went to go play golf with the boys and afterwards we met at the bank to consolidate our bank accounts into one account (zzzzzzzz)- it gets interesting I promise!

While we were waiting for the paperwork to finish I said "Babe, you should be so proud of me. A lady was selling mini dachunds on the side of the road in Franklin and I didn't get one. I didn't even stop and look." (I have wanted a puppy forever and kept begging Chip to get one and he kept saying no no lets wait til you get back from TFA Summer Institute).

Then Chip says, "Well, we can go look if you want" And i explained to him that puppies are like Yoda- there is no try, only do and you don't just go look at puppies and not come home with one unless you have no heart. So he says "well lets just go look - im not promising anything"

So we go back to the apartment real quick to combine cars, I run in to use the restroom, and grab Chip's checkbook and toss it in my purse ;) and then we go and drive to Franklin to see if the lady was still on the side of the road- and she was!!!!! And as soon as Chip held our pup, I knew he was sold, so, welcome sweet Lola Mae Wooten into our family :)

We're loving her oh so much (maybe would love her more if she slept all night and didn't keep having accidents) but she is so soft and so sweet and so cuddly and loves to meet people and give them kisses and play and especially take naps. She loves to play with her pup-cousin Neyland too. They even play tug-a-war with their toys. Also, she doesn't really walk. She hops like a kangaroo. And it's awesome. So Lola is officially taking visitors- she can't wait to meet you!! I will post lots of pictures of her as soon as I find my camera charger, don't you worry.

And with that, I'm going to go to sleep!

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