Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sick blahhh

So since Saturday, I have essentially been "sick as a dog." Food and I are, to say the least, bitter enemies at the moment. Since eating makes me feel sick and hurts my stomach, I have essentially no energy. I slept for about 24 hours straight from Saturday to Sunday afternoon with the exception of waking up for about 5 hours intermittently because, well that's just a lot of sleep!! Monday I felt good enough to go to the TFA job hiring fair from 8-3, but as soon as I stopped moving, i felt sick again! So, my solution was to keep moving and I went to Bible Study and came home and hung out with my girlfriends and once they left, sick again. And it's now 5:17 and I am getting out of the shower and starting my day, on Tuesday. Where did the weekend go? And whyyyy am I still sick? Oh yes... because of this lovely child:

But it's not like I can really be mad at her. Look at her!!! Best job ever. Although getting your viruses... not a great benefit. But i guess it's my own fault for smothering her in kisses all day, even when she's sick. Baby's need extra kisses when they are sick. It's a fact.

All that to say, Chip has done a fantastic job in his efforts to make me well. Gatorade runs, bringing me Cracker Barrel, entertaining Lola (even if its at 3am to let her out to potty and while i sleep all day), bringing me advil, taking my temperature, etc. You name it, he's done it. Oh yes, and most importantly, he brought me peanutbutter and chocolate ice cream (which heals all illnesses, also a fact) when he went to get Gatorade! And he knew that would heal all evils in the world for me at that moment, and guess what babe, it did. I am eating some now! So husband of the year award goes to Chip, sorry ladies. You can try to make a case for your man but there is no topping unrequested peanutbutter and chocolate ice cream when you're sick. (Also a fact).

And now I feel like I want to put another picture on here for kicks and giggles so here is Lola :)

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